The transport-ready M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector is a dynamic metal detector featuring a battery that can last 40 hours and once collapsed to its transport configuration can be moved by a single individual in a car or van.

The M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector is an ideal application for impromptu security checkpoints in Schools and Universities.

M-Scope Walkthrough Metal Detector


  • Portable and Permanent Security
  • Single person assembly without tools – in less than 5 minutes
  • Operates approximately 40 hours on rechargeable batteries, included
  • Universal Power Adaptor/Charger
    (Adaptor kit available for non USA receptacles)
  • Three Sensor Zones with Brilliant LED Detection Indicators
  • Head-to-Toe, Zone Specific Detection
  • 100 Levels of Sensitivity, Adjustable
  • Environmentally sealed keypad with security access control
  • Brilliant LED Bar Graph Indicates Target Strength
  • Lighted LED Displays MScope Configuration
  • Memory Feature Stores Settings for Multiple Operating Environments
  • Multi-Mode Traffic Counter
  • Factory and User Definable Presets
  • Access Menus/Password Protection
  • Adjustable Volume Control


Portable Dimensions: 37” (.94 m) x 23” (.61 m) x 26” (.66 m)
Weight: 83 lbs. (40 kilos) approximately
Temp: -20 C to +60 C (-4F to +140F)
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Made in U.S.A patented technology

M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector Introduction


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