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Behavioral Healthcare Hardware

  • Are specialty locksets installed to prevent the lock from being used as an anchor?
  • Are cabinets secure where the handle cannot be used as an anchor?
  • Are in-swinging doors equipped with hinge covers or specialty hinges to prevent being used as an anchor?
  • Are doors equipped with an alarm to prevent non-approved egress?
  • Did you know hardware can be treated with Anti-Microbial products to help fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold?



Sargent Behavioral Health BHW Trim

BHW Behavioral Healthcare Mortise Lock

Part of the Behavioral Healthcare Hardware Series™ of products, the 8200 mortise lock with BHW trim provides an innovative solution for behavioral health environments. The unique integrated lever and escutcheon combines aesthetics with safety. Ease of operation, along with the strength and versatility of the 8200 mortise lock allows its use in many applications. Read more about the Sargent 8200 Series Mortise Lock on the blog.

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Townsteel Behavioral Health MRX Leverset

MRX Behavioral Healthcare Leverset

Clutching mortise with Entrance or Exit – Lever rotation would be over 50°. When locked the Outside lever (clutching side) is free rotating in the up or down position, Inside lever rotates upward and downward. Read more about the TownSteel MRXL Grade 1 Mortise Lock on the blog.

Schlage AntiLigature SK1 Knob

SK1 Knob with Anti-Ligature Turn

Multiple safety facets including recessed trim, sloped surface, and concealed fastening hardware. Quad design allows grip with the entire hand or just fingertips. The Thumbturns offer a positive stop which prevents overextension & presentation of horizontal surface (hazard). Sloped surface, recessed trim and concealed fastening hardware minimize attachment opportunity. Read more about the Schlage L Series Anti-Ligature Solutions on the blog.

Allegion Schlage

Associated Items


Over the Door Alarm

The Door Switch is a system engineered to alert psychiatric inpatient facility staff of patient hanging attempts using the tops of doors. The Door Switch incorporates pressure sensors that provide both visual and audible alarms when a ligature device (typically a makeshift noose) is applied to the top of the door during a hanging attempt. The Door Switch has been approved by the New York State Office of Mental Health for use in mental health facilities regulated by that organization. Read more about The Door Switch Over the Door Alarm on the blog.

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Select Hinges TipIt Hinge Cover for Behavioral Health Facilities

TipIt Hinge Cover

Make rooms safer with the SELECT Hinge ligature-resistant TipIt® hospital tip. The TipIt deters patients or inmates from harming themselves by hanging objects from the hinge. Works with SL57 and SL21 full surface hinges, and SL11, SL18, SL14, SL24, SL26, and SL27 concealed hinges. Read more about the Select Hinges Ligature-Resistant TipIt® hinge covers on the blog.

McKinney Hospital Tip Hinge HT-Series

Hospital Tip Hinge

Smooth tapered tips provide a safer environment for healthcare facilities. Available with MicroShield antimicrobial coating to help inhibit the spread of germs. Can be electrified for use with electronic locks and access control systems. Read more about the McKinney MCK-FM3500 Hinge on the blog.

CompX Stealthlock Hidden Cabinet Lock

Hidden Electronic Cabinet Lock

The StealthLock keyless cabinet lock system uses radio frequency technology. The transmitter pad can be installed 15 feet away from the locked cabinet, and one transmitter pad can operate a single or multiple receiver latches. Read more about the CompX StealthLock Cabinet Lock on the blog.

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Antimicrobial Coating

Assa Abloy MicroShield Finish

Optional Anti-Microbial

Anti-microbial door hardware helps fight germs. Available on a variety of products from a variety of manufacturers we stock such as Assa Abloy brands. MicroShield™ is a revolutionary finish that permanently suppresses the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. The silver-based coating continuously destroys infectious organisms by attacking cell walls, interrupting metabolism and preventing reproduction. This makes it ideal for door hardware applications where vigilance must be maintained against microbial agents.

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