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Key Control

  • Are spare keys stored in a locked cabinet with record & receipt of issued keys?
  • Is key management software used?
  • Do electronic keys & cylinders need to not only be secured, but also provide audit trail?
  • Are patented key systems needed for a higher security system?

Key Cabinets

 HPC KEKAB Key Cabinet

Key Cabinets

HPC KeKab® Key Security Control Systems offer a variety of cabinets that can store up to 730 keys—ideal for larger hospitals and healthcare facilities. Cabinets come complete with numbered key tags, key control tags, and hardware for wall mounting.


Key Software

HPC KT-CD KeyTrail Software


Know who has which key and what door it opens with KeyTrail® Key Management Software. KeyTrail® tracks all transactions, including the system user who performed the transaction.

Key Systems

Medeco XT

Medeco XT is a complete electronic locking system providing Controlled Access, Accountability, Physical Security, and System Management. Features include Controlled Access, Accountability, Electronic Rekeying & Scheduling, Easy Installation, Physical Security, and Efficient System Management. Read more about the Medeco® XT on our blog.

Kaba Peaks High Security Key System

Peaks® Preferred

Peaks® Preferred, Kaba’s patented key control system is the foundation for any secure access control system. With strong utility patents on the key and cylinder, as well as contractual agreements for the controlled issue of key blanks, unauthorized manufacture and duplication of keys is prohibited. In addition, Peaks is an easy system to implement as the cylinders retrofit to all major brands of hardware.

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Schlage Primus

Primus XP

Primus XP is a patented side bit milling that precisely aligns five finger pins at a sidebar in the cylinder. This unique side bitting makes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible and is also used to create geographically exclusive keys in a thousand available combinations. Primus XP technology can be used to upgrade an Everest or Classic system to a high-security cylinder.

Allegion Schlage
Schlage Everest 29 High Security Cylinder

Everest 29™

The Schlage Everest 29™ patent-protected undercut design keyway provides protection through the year 2029 and keys cannot be duplicated without authorization. Multiple levels of security ensure that you get the right solution throughout the buildings.

Allegion Schlage
Medeco Bi-Level High Security Key System

Medeco BiLevel

BiLevel cylinders offer affordable key control throughout patent protected keys. Standard locking systems without utility patent protected keys allow anyone who gains possession of a key to easily and inexpensively make a copy. With an unauthorized duplicate key, a thief has complete access to a building. The BiLevel locking system ensures that the keys to a facility can only be duplicated by a certified Medeco dealer and only with the proper authorization.

Assa High Security Cliq Key System


The ASSA CLIQ is flexible and it’s easy-to-use system solutions can be applied almost anywhere. CLIQ technology is made possible by miniaturization of the electronic components. Electronic intelligence has been built into the system with help from electronic circuits in both the key and the cylinder.

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