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Maternity Wards

  • Is a visitor viewed through an Audio Entry system, and is there communication with the front desk?
  • Are the doors equipped with alarms to alert of unauthorized access?
  • Are the locks on the doors functioning?
  • Are doors equipped with electric latch retraction to allow for immediate lock-down?
  • Do patient rooms have a safe or lockable cabinet for patient valuables storage?
  • Did you know hardware can be treated with Anti-Microbial products to help fight infectious organisms?


Alarm Lock EAX-500

Prevent Door Propping

Prevent unauthorized exits in maternity wards with the EAX-500 battery powered door alarm. The 100dB alarm will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. Read more about the Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm on the blog.

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Alarm Lock PG21MS

Door Alarm for Surface Mounting on a Door

Sleek model design key-activated door alarm for use on standard size and narrow stile doors. The PG21MSS offers multiple door monitoring with a built-in external reed switch. An unauthorized use of the door will cause the alarm to sound and will activate the LED indicator.

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Von Duprin GuardXExit

GUARD-X Exit Alarm Lock

The Von Duprin GUARD-X exit alarm lock, 2670-Series, provides a secure protection through a large stainless steel deadbolt. The Exit Alarm Lock readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. Read more about the Von Duprin Guard-X (2670) Exit Alarm Lock on our blog.

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Delayed Egress

Detex V40EB Kit

Exit Device with Alarm

Designed for primary and secondary exits, provides a secure 15-second delay and a 100 decibel alarm when someone attempts to exit. This 15-second delay allows management time to respond before someone exits and the alarm deters the exit from occurring.

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Secured Visitor Access

Aiphone JK Series Phone Entry

View Visitors Before Granting Access

The color video intercom system offers two way communication with the person at the door, and a visual of who it is. The Picture Memory offers an extra security feature when you need to capture a photo of who is at your door. The camera offers a digital PanTilt and Zoom. Read more about the Aiphone JK Series Video Entry System on the blog.

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HES 9600

Electric Strikes

Use an electric strike for visitors to “buzz in” and know who is in the maternity ward at all times. HES offers a large variety of Electric Strikes for every type of opening. Fire Rated, High Performance, Slime-Line, and more.

Trine 4200 Series Flexible Strike

Flexible Strike

The Trine 4200 Series Flexible Strike is not only the tallest electric strike latch in its class, it’s also able to be used to outfit nearly any hollow metal, wood or aluminum frame and multiple voltage settings in AC or DC. Read more about the Trine 4200 Series Flexible Strike on our blog.

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RCI 8310 Mag Lock

Magnetic Locks

RCI offers a variety of magnetic locks including some with a built-in adjustable time delay with an instant unlock and delayed re-lock. Interior or Perimeter Doors including out-swinging or in-swinging. Read more about the RCI 8380 GateMag™ Electromagnetic Lock on our blog.



Clinton Electronics Vandal Dome Waterproof Camera

Dome Cameras

Knowing who is entering a maternity ward at all times is critical to a hospital’s security. Dome cameras are available with a variety of features (including waterproof as shown) for all types of applications, as well as all types of resolution.

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Samsung Box Style Camera

Box Style Cameras

When a clear resolution image is necessary, the Samsung Techwin’s line of camera’s is one of the solutions. It delivers extraordinary capabilities in both image quality, and day-to-day performance, and are available in Analog and Network.

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Ganz Network Video Recorder

Record Incidents

Should an emergency situation arise, the network video recorder (NVR) allows remote access to review recordings and playback of recorded images. Know the time and date of the incident and capture a still image of the incident. In addition, NVR’s allow the proper use of a Mega-Pixel Camera with very clear video.


Patient Rooms

CompX RegulatoR Door-Drawer Lock

Patient Medication Cart Security

When emergency situations arise, knowing the door/drawer has secured after an authorized user has needed access, can offer security that the equipment or medication within is secure. The RegulatoR offers a Self-Locking Feature. It can also be used to secure patient property using the 1x user code feature. Read more about the CompX RegualtoR Door/Drawer Lock on our blog.

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Kaba In Room Safe

In Room Safe

When welcoming a baby, an expectant mother has more to worry about than her personal belongings. Offering an in-room safe to store expensive electronic devices is one less stress. The in-room safes combine durable construction, user friendly operation, and security into one small unit.

 Codelocks KitLocks KL1000 Cabinet Lock

Lock Personal Belongings

When a patient arrives in either the birthing room or the recovery room, offering the ability to lock up personal belongings is critical. The KL1000 offers a one time use code feature that can be set by the patient. Read more about the Codelocks KitLocks KL1000 Cabinet Lock on the blog.

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CompX Stealthlock Hidden Cabinet Lock

Hidden Electronic Cabinet Lock

The StealthLock hidden keyless cabinet lock can be programmed for single use or for self lock, and works on wood, phenolic resin, and glass material. Read more about the CompX StealthLock Cabinet Lock on the blog.

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Silent Hardware

ABH Quiet Hospital Latch

Quiet Entry Latch

Quieter environments for patients translates to better care. Hospital NICU, Delivery Rooms, post-delivery / recovery rooms and any other type of room that benefits from silent access can look to the 6800Q Quiet Hospital Latch. Read more about the ABH 6800Q Quiet Hospital Latch on our blog.


Sargent 80 Electric Latch Retraction

The Electric Latch Retraction exit device from SARGENT provides remote-controlled latch retraction for high traffic egress doors, and delivers quiet, smooth operation. Easily installed in new or retrofit applications, the 56- ELR features maintenance-free design with few moving parts. Plus, each device draws less than one amp of power, simplifying installation and increasing system design flexibility.

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Antimicrobial Coating

Assa Abloy MicroShield Finish

Bring Facility Hygiene to a Higher Level

Inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and other microbes with an optional antimicrobial coating. The silver-based antimicrobial technology contributes to a better facility hygiene by reducing microbial growth on door and hardware surfaces. Perfect to use in sensitive areas such as birthing suites, NICU, and more.

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