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Electronic Hardware

  • Do you have requirements to control the flow of people through your facility or restrict access to specific areas?
  • Are there sterile/”clean” locations in your facility where biometrics would have an advantage over hand held / conventional credentials?
  • Is security notified if a door becomes propped open?
  • Would being notified when a person attempts to gain access to a door they don’t have access to be beneficial?
  • Are server cabinets restricted by access control?
  • Do you have requirements for automatic doors for limited mobility employees or better traffic flow?
  • Would existing mechanical hardware benefit from the addition of electronic components in order to better control the opening?

Standalone Access Control, Battery Operated


E-Plex 5000-Series

The electronic pushbutton lock, E-Plex® 5000-Series, is easy to install, use and maintain. It requires no wires to pull to the door, has a long battery life, no keys to manage, and offers multiple authority levels. Locks are programmed via keypad or with an optional software.

Schlage CO-Series Standalone Electronic Locks


CO-Series standalone electronic locks provide the security, efficiency and convenience of electronic access control for various applications. The CO-100 provides a Pin Only access, the CO-200 provides a proximity card only access, and for higher security the CO-250 provides a proximity card combined with a Pin to receive authorized access. Read more about the Schlage CO-Series Locks on our blog.

Allegion Schlage
 Linear 212LS

212LS Electronic Access Control Doorgard®

The Linear 212LS Electronic Access Control Doorgard® is a durable, weatherproof PIN access lockset designed for implementation in almost any commercial access control system. The Linear 212LS operates off of four AA batteries, this lockset estimates 15,000 keypad activations before battery changes, and each lockset can store up to 120 unique access codes. Read more about the Linear 212LS Electronic Access Control Doorgard® on the blog.

Sargent G15

G1.5 with RF Fob Panic Button

The SARGENT® Profile Series v.G1.5 is a stand alone cylindrical lock for use on exterior doors with weather seal gasket, conduit and shroud, and can support multiple types of users such as extended, temporary, or supervisory. Read more about the Sargent Profile Series v.G1.5 Lock on our blog.

Sargent Logo
Alarm Lock DL2700ss

Trilogy T2 Electronic Cylindrical Digital Lock

When you need a weatherproof keyless lock, the T2 is the solution. Up to 100 different users codes accepted including 1 master, 10 manager, 90 basic, and 3 one-time user codes. Weatherproof models offer extreme temperature function from -31 degrees F to +151 degrees F (-35 degrees C to +66 degrees C). Read more about the Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 DL2700 Series Electronic Door Lock on our blog.

Alarm Lock (C) - Small

Access Control, Wireless

Kaba 5700

E-Plex E5700-Series

The E-Plex 5700 Series Electronic Access Control Lock offers Pin/Prox or Dual Credential to access. In addition, it requires no wires to pull to the door, a long battery life, no keys to manage, and multiple authority level. Read more about the Kaba E-Plex 5700 Series Pushbutton Lever Lock on our blog.

Alarm Lock Networx with Global Lockdown

Networx with Global Lockdown

When maintaining audit trails and user code maintenance at the door is a burdon, the Trilogy Networx locks offer the solution. Available as standalone Pushbutton or with Pin/Prox Version, the Trilogy Networx DL6100 Series locks are easy to use, require no wires, and a 5+ year battery life.

Alarm Lock (C) - Small
Schlage AD-Series Networked Push Button Lock


The AD-Series networked wireless system gives you many of the key benefits of a hardwired access control system – without the wires. This allows the doors to be secure, where in the past were difficult to run wires to, and increase the security throughout the facility. A wireless solution also allows for a quicker and more cost-efficient installation that causes minimal disruption to your environment.

Allegion Schlage
HES K100 Cabinet Lock

Wireless Cabinet Security

Add security without another credential by using existing ID Badges for drawers, cabinets, or lockers. The HES K100 wireless cabinet lock with Aperio Technology makes it an easy and cost effective choice. Read more about the HES K100 Wireless Cabinet Lock on our blog.

Access Control, Wired

Cansec SmartLock

SmartLock® Pro

An extremely easy to use and easy to learn system, the SmartLock® Pro offers a user friendly interface and a low cost to make it the ultimate system for basic access control applications. The built-in functionality simplifies remote management and can greatly reduce the installation costs associated with a hard-wired system.

Cansec Systems Logo
RBH Integra32 Building Management and Security System


Integra32 seamlessly integrates Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Elevator Control, CCTV & DVR, Biometric Authentication, Photo ID, Building Automation, and ON and Offsite Alarm Monitoring, into an elegant and versatile building management and security system.

Keri PXL500

PXL500 Tiger II

The PXL-500 Tiger Controller has all of the functionality needed to manage a single door, alarm output, and 2 reader ports. A second door can be added when used with SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board.

Keri Systems
Linear 212i Keypad

Single Door Access Control Keypad

The Indoor Flush-Mount Keypad by Linear is a single door access control keypad designed to meet lighter volume access control environments. The i style keypad mounts to most standard single-gang electrical back boxes.


Electrified Hardware

Command Access Conversion Kit VLPKIT

Conversion Kit

The VLPKIT is a simple, cost effective way to convert a mechanical Von Duprin 98/99 series exit device to an electrified exit device by simply replacing the mechanical base plate with the provided Command Access modified EL base plate. The VLPKIT offers all the features of the Command Access modified Von Duprin EL device modification in a compact, easy-to-install package.

Command Access Technologies
Von Duprin PS914 Power Supply

Power Supply

The Von Duprin power supply and option boards were designed to meet the specific requirements of electrified fire exit devices. Installation is simplified by utilizing a flat mounting design and polarized locking connectors for option boards.

Von Duprin Logo (K)
HES 9600_Table

Electric Strikes

High Performance, fire rated, windstorm rated, and more, HES electric strikes offer a variety of solutions for every type of door.

Trine 4200 Flexible Electric Strike

Flexible Electric Strike

The Trine Access Technology 4200 Series Flexible Strike includes four faceplates to outfit nearly any hollow metal, wood or aluminum frame with multiple voltage settings in AC or DC—it even has a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option. Read more about the Trine Access Technology 4200 Series Flexible Strike on our blog.

Trine (Site Logo)
RCI 8310 Mag Lock

Magnetic Locks

For single out-swinging or single in-swinging doors, the RCI Magnetic Locks are ideal for a variety of applications. Adjustable mounting brackets have been enhanced with keyhole mounting to support the magnet’s weight during initial installation, freeing the installer’s hands to affix the magnet mounting screws. Read more about the RCI 8380 GateMag™ Electromagnetic Lock on our blog.

Schlage ND-Series Electrified Leverset

Electrified Leverset

ND-Series locks are available for electrically locking and unlocking controls for high security and fire safety applications. They are UL Listed and rated for both fire and electrical single-point locking on labeled doors. RX feature is available on ND10, ND12, ND80 and ND96 families. Switch is ready to be used in a normally open or normally closed application.

Allegion Schlage


Alarm Lock EAX-500

Battery Powered Door Alarm

The EAX-500 by Detex offers a 100dB alarm which will sound should someone attempt an unauthorized exit. Ideal for applications that require an alarmed exit device on a secured door. Read more about the Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm on the blog.

Detex Logo
Von Duprin ALK

Exit Device Alarm

ALK Alarm Kit is a simple and effective way to deter unauthorized use of an emergency exit door. Ideal for use on perimeter doors in restaurants, libraries, retail stores and many other commercial business applications.

Von Duprin Logo (K)


Schlage HandReader


The HandReader records and stores the three-dimensional shape of the human hand for comparison and identity verification. Upon verification, the HandReader produces an output that can unlock a door, send card format data to an access control panel, or communicate with a host computer. The HandReader also has auxiliary inputs and outputs that can be used to control other systems such as CCTV cameras and alarms.

Allegion Schlage


Hunter Power Door Operator Wired HA Low Energy

Power Door Operator, Wired

The automatic door operator allows Barrier-Free access, providing customer convenience and meeting the requirements of persons with disabilities. It’s the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, permitting easy access to commercial, industrial, and institutional locations. Read more about the Entrematic HA-8 Low Energy Door Operator.

ADA EZ Wire Free Power Operator Door Closer

Power Door Operator, Wireless

The ADA EZ does not require power and is a regenerative drive operated power door operator. It is stocked non-handed which offers on the job easy installation. ADA EZ offers an optional Radio Frequency (RF) stainless steel push buttons integral RF receiver. Read more about the Norton ADA EZ PRO PLUS Power Door Operator on the blog.


Surface Mounted, Mechanical

Surface mounted 4000 Series LCN closers feature a modern design engineered for each application, easy installation, and superior performance.

LCN Price Book
LCN 4810

Power Door Operator, Wired

The 4810 AUTO EQUALIZER™ is LCN’s pneumatically powered MULTI-DOOR solution. This low energy automatic operator provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly, or the frail. Designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic opening.

LCN Price Book

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