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Perimeter / Exterior Security

  • Are your perimeter doors equipped with exit devices?
  • Are there any windows that may be susceptible to break and enter?
  • Would it be beneficial to control your facilities incoming / outgoing vehicle traffic?
  • Would you like to know when exterior doors are being held open?
  • Are gates being secured / controlled?
  • Does security ensure that all perimeter doors are secured after hours?
  • Are all exterior valves/controls secured from tampering?

Exit Devices

Sargent Rim Exit Device 8888 Series


The SARGENT® 8888-Series Rim Exit Device, suitable for single and double door applications, has been designed for standard width stile wood or metal doors. It’s available in 7 functions determined by the trim function. Read more about the Sargent® 8888 Series Rim Exit Device on our blog.

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For use on exterior or interior out-swinging doors, the PD9200-Series is available as Rim, Vertical Rod, and Fire-Rated. The Rim Exit Device is available as 36” or 48” in length, depending on the style of door used. Read more about the LSDA PD9200 Series Exit Device on the blog.

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Vertical Rod, 98/99 Series Chexit®

Designed to delay egress through an opening using panic or fire exit device for 15 seconds, the Von Duprin 98/99 Chexit Vertical Rod can also be tied into a building’s emergency system. In the event of an emergency, it will immediately release. Additional mounting styles include rim and mortise. Read more about the Von Duprin Chexit™ Controlled Exit Device on the blog.

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Falcon 1990

Concealed Vertical Rod Cross Bar Exit Device

This tough 1990-Series crossbar design is equipped with hardened steel latches and adjustable strike to ensure safety, security and quiet operation.

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Alarm Lock EAX-500

Prevent Door Propping

The EAX-500, with a small size design, makes it an ideal choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exits and restricted doors. The alarm will sound with unauthorized exit. Read more about the Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm on the blog.


Safety and Security Film

Safety and Security Film

Safety and Security Film

A protective film that is applied to glass in new or existing windows and doors. This creates an invisible shield to hold the glass in place if subject to impact.

Gate Security

Keedex Single Gang Weldable Box

Weldable Gate Box

When the need to attach a keyless pushbutton lock (such as the Kaba Simplex or E-Plex products, or the Alarm Lock Trilogy Locks) to a gate, the Weldable Gate Boxes by Keedex provide a durable solution.

Lockey USA Panic Shield

Panic Shield

The Lockey USA Panic Shield is designed to deter entry on a gate when a Rim Exit Device is used. Gates can be turned into panic exits with the panic bar mounting plate, available in 24″ and adjustable for 28″ – 54″ gates. Read more about the Lockey USA Panic Shield on our blog.

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Lockey USA Turtleback TB- 100

Heavy Duty Gate Closer

The Lockey USA TB-100 Turtleback Hydraulic Gate Closer closes gates in an even and controlled manner. The TB-100 includes a screw-adjustable speed control system allowing finely-tuned control of closing speed and adjustable travel for configuring the best results on a chosen application. Read more about the TB-100 Turtleback Hydraulic Gate Closer on our blog.

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RCI 8380


With its rugged, stainless-steel housing, the weather-resistant GateMag is the ideal solution for perimeter security and internal gates. The standard Remote Lock Status (RLS) indicates whether the magnet is locked or unlocked. The GateMag electromagnetic lock features a built-in conduit fitting and an extra-long wire cable allowing easy wire access to an electrical box. Read more about the RCI 8380 GateMag™ Electromagnetic Lock on our blog.


2000 lbs. Holding Force Gate Lock

2000 lbs. Holding Force Gate Lock

The GL1 Electromechanical Gate Lock is designed to secure a wide variety of vehicle and pedestrian gate applications where security and weather resistance are required. The GL1 functions equally well in both electrically and manually operated gate installations and can be used for swing gates, sliding gates, stock cage gates or other applications. Read more about the Securitron GL1 Electromagnetic Gate Lock on our blog.



Master Lock 6621WO

Weather Tough Padlock

Choice of 22 Key-in-Knob keyways to match this padlock to your security door locks. Ideal for harsh outdoor conditions -exclusive Weather Tough® cover protects lock from water, ice, dirt and grime ProSeries® Padlocks are designed for Commercial/Industrial applications.

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American Lock A3106BLK

Solid Aluminum Padlocks

Perfect for harsh environments, the 3100-Series Padlocks are lightweight an corrosion resistant. Can order with a brass shackle. Available in multiple colors and either a 1”, 2” or 3” shackle height. The Padlock is 1-1/2” wide with a 3/4” thick body. Keying Options include Keyed Alike or Master Keyed.

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Long Range Readers



HID’s MaxiProx® Reader is ideal for installations incorporating parking control and long read range applications. The MaxiProx reader packages all the electronics in one rugged, attractive and easy-to-install housing.

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On-Site Guard Patrol

Detex ProxiPen

TopGuard Patrol® and ProxiPen System

TopGuard Patrol® is a versatile guard tour software application from GCS. It is a communication tool for all GCS data acquisition units, combined with a report generator. It includes a Microsoft® Access database and the most modern programming tools. When combined with Detex ProxiPen, it is the total solution for your guard tour verification requirements and other data collection tasks.



Rosslare’s GS-02 is designed to seamlessly manage the DigiTool™ Guard Patrol system. It enables key staff duties to be monitored and data captured for performance reporting.

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Touchless with Water-Tight Installation



The MS09 motion activated actuator offers an adjustable detection zone, water-tight installation for wash-down facilities, and can be retrofitted to replace an existing hardwired (two-wire) push plates. The MS09 can detect moving objects such as a hand, pallet jack, or forklift, and can be installed in either interior or exterior of buildings. Read more the BEA MS09 Magic Switch on our blog.

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