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Door Hardware, Electronic

  • Would elimination of manual rekeying when a resident moves or loses a key (or other security issue) be beneficial?
  • Would reduction of the number of mechanical keys issued (and associated reduction in liability) be beneficial?
  • Is tracking installed on door hardware to determine where and when maintenance personnel or contractors enter rooms or other areas?
  • In common areas, are time restrictions available on the door hardware?
  • Do staff members carry ID Badges for access control with audit trail and time restrictions?
  • Can the building owner or maintenance department track who has been in certain rooms at what time and how long?
  • Is key management software used?
  • Does the building owner or maintenance department have the ability to manage the complexity and the high turnover rates associated with housing?
  • Does a tenant have the ability to use one electronic key to maintain access to the resident’s private living quarters and all of the property’s amenities?
  • Is management able to control multiple properties from a single database?

Stand Alone, Battery Operated

Kaba InSync D Deadbolt with Radio Frequency

Deadbolt with Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

The InSync™ D Deadbolt Lock (shown with lever, not included) is a full 1” deadbolt and available in three configurations: Common, Suite, or Unit. A Common Lock Configuration offers the ability of multiple resident credentials to access the lock where one key will work for both tenant unit and common area lock. The Suite Lock configuration allows access to multiple residents who have the need to access individual unit doors behind the suite door. Suite locks do not have a thumb-turn and will remain in a locked position after ingress or egress. The Unit Lock Configuration goes into an unlocked condition each time the inside lever is rotated, eliminating the possibility of any lock outs.

Kaba E-Plex 5700 Series

Pin/Prox or Dual Credential

The E-Plex 5700 Series Lock offers PIN/PROX or Dual Credential, has a long battery life, and requires no wires pulled to the door at time of installation. The passage feature can be toggled on/off or can be pre-programmed to re-lock after a certain number of hours. Compatible with cylindrical, rim exit device, or American standard mortise locks. Read more about the Kaba E-Plex 5700 Series Pushbutton Lever Lock on our blog.

Alarm Lock DL2700 Push Button Lock

Multiple User Codes

Multiple user codes (up to 100 different codes) include the Master Code for the building owner, 10 manager codes, 90 basic user codes, and even 3 one-time service codes. PC Programmable models also feature printable audit trails to know who is coming in and out at all times, and an auto-lock/unlock scheduling is also available. Read more about the Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 DL2700 Series Electronic Door Lock on our blog.

Alarm Lock Logo
Schlage AD200 Series Standalone Lock

Battery Operated Stand Alone

AD-Series standalone locks are a cost-effective way to upgrade from traditional mechanical locking devices. They allow you to easily add and delete users, track usage and manage data – all without installing a facility-wide network. This gives you more control and allows you to manage your system more efficiently than with a traditional mechanical system. And, because these locks are part of the AD-Series, you’re free to upgrade to a networked solution at any time. Simply replace the network module – not the entire lock – and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Allegion Schlage
LSDA EL700 Electronic Keyless Deadbolts

Battery Operated Stand Alone

Electronic Keyless Deadbolts, perfect for those prone to losing keys. Weather resistant, Grade 2 Compliant, UL Listed for use on 45 minute fire door, comes with SC4 re-keyable 6-pin brass cylinder. Available as a Electronic Deadbolt Only, an Electronic Deadbolt with 2 RF Remotes, or an Electronic Deadbolt with 2 Smart Cards. Read more about the LSDA EL700 Series Electronic Pushbutton Locks on our blog.

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Sargent Harmony Series

Wiegand Compatible

The Harmony Series Mortise Lock product integrates the SARGENT 8200 Series Grade 1 mortise lock into an existing Wiegand compatible access control system. With “Latched and Secure” monitoring, this technology incorporates the door monitoring and latchbolt position in series, ensuring that the door is closed and the latchbolt is extended.

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Marks USA iQwik Lite Series

Weather Tough

The Smart Choice in Access Control. These i-Qwik units have the Marks USA legendary Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Additional features include Cablegard, which protects wires for easy installation; Standard ANSI door prep with one additional hole; Pre-programmed code; Keypad Programmable; Double code entry for maximum security; and more. Read more about the Marks USA iQwik Standalone Electronic Access Control on our blog.

 Marks USA (C)

Networked Wireless Systems

Alarm Lock DL6100

Trilogy Networx Locks

The Networx Locks offer the ability to wirelessy and remotely change a user code, change a schedule, modify the lock features, or retrieve up to 35,000 events within in seconds. The Trilogy Networx locks can integrate with an existing Alarm Lock Trilogy standalone door access system.

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The AD-400 wireless networked lock gives you many of the key benefits of a hardwired access control system — without the wires. This allows you to secure doors that were traditionally difficult to run wires to in the past—and increase the security throughout your facility.

Allegion Schlage

Networked Hard Wired Systems

Linear eMerge

eMerge Series

The Linear eMerge Series ranges in a variety of solutions including the eMerge Essential & eMerge Essential Plus for 1-4 doors, or the eMerge Elite for up to 36 doors. The eMerge Essential and Essential Plus embedded browser-based network appliances make advanced security technology reliable and affordable for any entry-level access control application.

Rosslare AC225

AC-225 Series

AC-225 is suitable for applications with up to 30000 users across a modular 4092 doors, allowing maximum flexibility for securing a growing enterprise. Each AC- 225 Access Control Unit (ACU) supports two readers (In/Out) of various formats including standard Wiegand 26-bit. Installations can also have one reader per door.

Microsoft Word - SA-26 Datasheet_frontltr v1_2 24012006.doc
 Cansec SmartLock

SmartLock® Pro

The SmartLock® Pro offers a built-in functionality that simplifies remote management and can greatly reduce the installation cost associated with a hard-wired system. This easy to use system offers a user friendly interface and can communicate via LAN/WAN using the Cansec CanLan II TCP/IP Controller.

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 HID edge

EDGEPlus Solo

The EDGEPlus Solo ES400 is a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door IP access control solution. This solution enables remote management and report generation via standard web browser. User information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events are done through a user-friendly, instructional web environment.

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Readers and Credentials

HID ThinLine

Proximity Wall Switch Reader

When aesthetic design, reliability, and weather tough are needed for an access control proximity reader, the HID ThinLine II is the solution. Available in Wiegand or Clock-and-Data Interface.


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HID ProxCard

ProxCard II

HID Cards and Credentials are available in a large variety of options including high frequency, low frequency, high security, and more.

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Linear 212i Keypad

Single Door Access Control Keypad

The Indoor Flush-mount keypad (212i) by Linear has three LED’s which indicate operation status and provides the user with visual PIN entry confirmation. The i-style keypad mounts to most standard single-gang electrical back boxes.


Power Operators

Norton SafeZone Power Door Operator

Power Door Operator, Wired

The Norton 7100SZ-Series SafeZone® detects movement within the doorway and will remain open. When movement is no longer detected, the adjustable setting times out and the door closes. Read more about the Norton SafeZone® 7100SZ-Series Door Closer/Holder on the blog.

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