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I was in a big box store yesterday and I was watching an associate making keys to a vehicle with a transponder chip inside the key. I thought only locksmiths should perform this type of service. How are they doing this?



The big box stores have machines with the ability to “clone” an existing key. They also sell key blanks that can be “On-board programmed” by the vehicle owner after the blade is cut. Cloning a key is using information from your existing key and re-writing the information onto a new key. Some transponder keys can be programmed on-board after the blade is cut by the owner. These scenarios and methods are for making an extra key only. When all keys are lost please consult your automotive locksmith as a different set of machines and techniques are needed. The box store employees usually don’t have the in-depth knowledge to diagnose and correct automotive key issues like a professional automotive locksmith.

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