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What are some of the differences between Z-Wave & ZigBee technology?
Do you recommend one above the other and why?
(This is for a residential customer)



There are differences in Z-Wave and ZigBee related to the Frequency, Data Rate and more. According to research, Z-Wave is far more reliable than ZigBee. The software for Z-Wave requires a strict certification whereas ZigBee devices are not as strict which has caused issues with devices and software. When it comes to security, we must provide the most reliable products on the market with the latest technology. For that reason, I would choose a Z-Wave device over ZigBee. The comparison is below:

Z-Wave –
908MHZ Frequency
Mesh Network Scheme
AES 128 Encryption
Data Rate 9.6 – 100kbps
Range with no obstructions 100’. With obstructions 50’
Requires Hub
Can connect up to 232 total devices
Technology is proprietary

ZigBee –
2.4 GHz
Mesh Network Scheme
AES 128 Encryption
Data Rate 40 – 250kbps
Transmits more data than Z-Wave, but has a much shorter range.
Range with no obstructions 40’
Requires Hub
Can connect up to 65k devices
Technology is open

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