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I have a padlock with “LSDA” marked on it. What key blanks does it take?



There are three simple ways to find the answer to this question.
1) Check your local IDN catalog. In the LSDA section you can find the padlock pages. To decide which padlock you have, and thus which key blank you need, measure the case width. With this information and using the reference charts in our catalog, you may then easily see which key blank is used by each padlock.

2) The second method requires access to our website and the series of the padlock you have. After clicking on the “products” tab, enter the padlock series in the Part#/EZ# field. A search for an LP30 padlock will return a list of LP30 padlocks with different key numbers and various Don Jo products. With a little scrolling you will see KB LP30K [LSDA3]. This is the relevant key blank part number. Adjust for other LSDA padlock series and you can easily find your relevant key blank part numbers.

3) Visit the website and find the padlock you have. The associated key blanks are offered as well.

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