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How do I make a door in my office suite touchless or hands free to help ensure a safer work environment?



With the current world environment this topic has never been more important! Fortunately, with the proliferation of products that are currently available the conversion from a traditional entrance to a hands-free opening is easy, approachable and affordable.

Since the objective is to have zero-contact ingress/egress, utilization of any of a variety of touchless switches is typically where the system would initiate. This entrance request can be accomplished via a wave-sense motion activated wall switch (or similar) or even a Bluetooth reader that receives its permission via a credential that lives on the entrant’s mobile device ensuring a zero-contact request for access.

Whichever touch-free method is used to initiate the opening, this switch or reader can then signal an automatic door operator (low-energy ones are available that are as easy to mount on an existing door as a typical door closer and power via a typical 12/24VDC power connection) that will in turn signal the release of an electromechanical device mounted in/on the door frame (if so equipped—incidentally you can often power the electromechanical device directly from the automatic door operator so the timing is set for the device to energize/de-energize before the operator initiates), and the door will open without any physical contact from the user—furthermore, the automatic door operator can be set to keep the door open for a specific amount of time as needed and designated by code/use/etc.

Simply, with the use of a few simple components any opening can become a touchless and hands-free, zero-physical contact opening ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all users.

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