Ask the Key Wizard | 6-pin Keyways Reasons to Choose


What are some of the advantages of selecting a 6-pin keyway over a 5-pin keyway?



There are two main reasons to choose a 6-pin keyway over a 5-pin keyway. The first is basic mechanical security. When someone tries to circumvent a lock’s mechanical security, they may try picking, raking, bumping, or even drilling. The extra pin adds difficulty to the process. One more pin to find the shear-line of, or another pin with a variable depth that decreases the ease of bumping or raking. An extra pin to drill may not seem like it makes a difference, but added time drilling could be the difference between a thief getting caught, or getting away. The second reason is master keying. The additional pin gives the key system more variables, so more keys to use, when making key combinations. There are additional options for more security such as 7-pin or even high security cylinders & cores. Contact your local IDN for additional information.



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