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I install electric strikes all the time but have never run the wire to them. My customer is requesting that I run wire from the access panel to the door. Can you tell me what type of wire I should use?



Wire is available in various types and sizes. Stranded wire is the accepted standard wire type for connecting electric strikes. Stranded wire is a group of multiple conductors braided together to create one larger stronger conductor. The size of wire is determined by the diameter of the wire. American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a common system of numerical designation of wire size. The lower the wire gauge number, the larger the wire diameter. Common wire sizes for low voltage wiring are 18 and 16 gauge. Wires with larger diameters offer less resistance and make it easier for current to flow. A power loss can occur if the wire is too small or the distance too great for a particular application resulting in lower voltage and current. Generally, as wire runs get longer, wire size must be increased to prevent voltage drops. See wire gauge chart for distance and voltage below.

Total Wiring Length 12 Volt Total Wiring Length 24 Volt
Up to 200 ft 18 AWG Up to 200 ft 20 AWG
200 to 300 ft 16 AWG 200 to 300 ft 18 AWG
300 to 400 ft 14 AWG 300 to 400 ft 16 AWG
400 to 600 ft 12 AWG 400 to 600 ft 14 AWG

Manufacturers specifications will vary, please see manufacturers instructions for each installation. IDN offers wire, contact your local IDN Location to place an order.

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