Locksmiths, many of you are family owned, some big and some large. Some of you have broken off and started your own business. Maybe you are doing quite well running your business by yourself. Maybe you have too much work and could use more help, but not just more technicians. What do you do then? If you are looking to partner with another locksmith, an interview would need to take place. Here’s some guiding tips to help you when interviewing a business partner, compliments from an article by Small Business Trends.

Interviewing a Business Partner

13 Questions to Ask a Potential Business Partner

  1. What’s Your Deepest Goal?
  2. How Much Do You Plan on Working?
  3. What’s Your Exit Plan?
  4. Which of Our Skills Overlap, and Which Ones Differ?
  5. What Motivates You?
  6. How Would You Handle a Media Crisis?
  7. What Happens if Something Goes Wrong?
  8. Have You Done It?
  9. Do You See What I See?
  10. What’s Your Vision of Success and Failure?
  11. If You Didn’t Have to Work, What Would You Do?
  12. What’s Your Main Priority?
  13. How Do You Handle Bad Situations?