Ran across a great article posted on Forbes.com and although it was probably written for a different industry other than the Locksmith industry, it does apply to any locksmith who has a team of technicians.

Team Morale and Guidance | 3 Common Management Problem

Management isn’t easy, especially with difficult employees or dishonest employees.

Hold your Employees Accountable

When the manager doesn’t want to risk being the bad guy, it turns into managers being a conflict avoider. Instead, start with full awareness and acceptance that accountability and control is in fact a central task of a manager.

Set the Bar at the Right Height

Establish meaningful employee objectives that are clear and measurable. When an employees objective s unclear, nonexistent, out of date, hard to measure, or subject to interpretation, it leads to further problems for the manager such as reviews. It’s easier to hold someone accountable when an anticipated outcome is well known for all to see.

Not Spending Enough Time with your Employees on Career Development

Employee development is a widely neglected function. Take them under your wing and guide them to build on their knowledge and expertise. If time is an issue, take them with you on the job and teach while installing. Carve out time though because in the long run it’s worth it.