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Locksmiths, obtaining new customers can come from word of mouth, a random phone call from a frantic home or car owner who is locked out, a referral, and others. How do you retain this customer as a loyal customer? According to this article, customer satisfaction is a joke, but customer loyalty is the real challenge. Do you agree?

Customer Service for Small Business Owners

4 Keys to Customer Loyalty
There are few things more valuable (or more rare) than customer loyalty. Customer loyalty cannot be bought. It must be earned… not just once, but every day of the customer relationship.

The following rules contain the essence of dozens of conversations about customer loyalty that I’ve had over the years, with some of the smartest sales and marketing folk in the world.

  1. Offer something uniquely valuable
  2. Understand the customer’s business
  3. Add value with every contact
  4. Go above and beyond