Perhaps you’re on the fence on how security cameras contribute to safety in schools and colleges. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics released statistics of schools using security cameras and their number showed “security cameras used to monitor the school” as the second most used method for public schools on average overall and the top-most used security measure for high schools. Let’s go through the benefits of including security cameras to school safety and security.

  1. Deterring Criminal Behavior and Vandalism
    When cameras are visibly used, students are more conscious of their behavior.
  2. Identifying Visitors
    Identifying a visitor and monitoring the visitor throughout the halls can be useful in aiding and preventing a school’s students safety from being targeted should an intruder situation arise.
  3. Theft Prevention
    Security cameras are a staple for loss prevention in the retail commercial industry and can have the same effect tactically used on school campuses.
  4. Exits and Entrance Surveillance
    Having security cameras on exits and entrances of a school campus can add a level of security to securing the campus from unauthorized visitors. Exit and entrance surveillance can also be useful in auditing student attendance.

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