4 Reasons Why You Should Open a Google Plus Account

Navigating Social Media in the Locksmith Industry – Google Plus & Google My Business (1 of 2)
In a previous post on our series Navigating Social Media in the Locksmith Industry we went through the process of starting a Facebook page for your locksmith business.

Continuing the objective of guiding locksmiths to utilize social media, we look to a less-sensational social media platform, Google Plus, and why it’s worth having a Google Plus account and verifying your business on Google My Business.

1. Google Plus can increase your appearance in search ranking.
Google Plus as a social media platform may not get as much fanfare as Facebook and Twitter, but its importance in a social media campaign for a locksmith’s business still holds weight.

Everyone wants #1 for their business’s Google search rank and with a little effort you can make your locksmith business go from no listing information on a Google search to a front page result (See Figure 1.1).


Figure 1.1 Results for a verified Google Plus business page often appear above the first ranked websites. It also displays a Google Maps synopsis of the business when a cursor hovers above it.

Whether you have a Google Plus account or not, Google may have already know about your business and list it with a Google Maps result. Wouldn’t you like to be in control of that information?

Opening a Google Plus account is necessary for making a Google My Business account, which in turn is necessary for maintaining this search listing.

2. Starting a Google Plus account and getting verified on Google My Business puts you in control of many details about your business.
Getting verified on Google My Business is not only a significant element in showing your social media presence, but a way to increase the information search  engine users can obtain about you.

If your business has already been listed, then you’ll definitely want to go about claiming it on Google My Business so that you can present it with the most accurate information.

With a Google My Business account you can update your listing with your hours of operation, additional phone number or fax number or links to your website and Facebook page.

Update your hours of operation. It’s an important feature that should not be overlooked. It’s possible for Google to re-route someone looking for directions to your business if you’re stated as closed by the time they arrive (See Figure 1.2).

Also, consider marking your calendar event to change for alternative hours such as summer hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Figure 1.2 Accurate hours may make the difference between someone navigating to your business or somewhere else.

3. Google My Business allows your customers to review your business.
A couple of good reviews can really present you head and shoulders above the competition, and can confirm that you are an authenticate locksmith too.

Good reviews speak volumes without having to advertise and reviews also allow for a better understanding of what your customers want from you and how to better serve them.

Customers will take into account a business with high review marks, so it’s not only a feedback tool—it also serves as social proof of your service quality.

4. You have a few locations and want to keep some uniformity to them all.
Maintaining a specific brand for your business is easier when you’re in control of each branch’s information.

Having a centralized space to take care of your Google My Business is an ideal way to centralize control over numerous locations. Using the Google My Business Locations is suggested when claiming and customizing more than ten Google My Business listings.

In Conclusion:

Just signing up for a Google Plus account and filling out a business page can give your business a top-billing position on Google searches for your area. Alternatively, failing to claim your listing can misinform customers of important information about your business.

Hopefully, we’ve made a convincing argument for signing up for a Google Plus account. Feel free to continue the conversation on our comment section and be sure to read more on how to leverage your Google Plus account for more robusts results in part 2 of this series — Claiming and Customizing Your Google My Business Account.

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