Locksmiths who service Commercial Buildings, while doing a walk through, you often observe the security of the door, security of the room, security of the building, and/or security of the property. You most likely have this list memorized. What if you are new and still learning? This list is for you. A special thanks to Assa Abloy and Buildings.com for sharing it.

Commercial Door

5 Essentials for Door Security 

  • Local Alarms: These alarms audibly sound an alert if a door is forced open.
  • Emergency Exits: Available as a push bar, these devices prevent users from opening an emergency-only exit.
  • Infrared Sensors: These alarms use infrared technology to sense when someone crosses a threshold.
  • Authentication Alarms: If you want to authenticate access, pair your doors with a card reader.
  • Surveillance: Use an eye in the sky or on the ground to effectively deter trespassers from overriding your entrances.