Many of you reading this are a small business. And, even if you are not a small business, this is still a good checklist to help you save time. With the fast pace of this world, everyone could use some help.

Time Saving Tips Because Time is Money

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  1. Set Goals
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Prioritize by Importance
  4. Prioritize by Urgency
  5. Break Down Large Tasks
  6. Be Realistic
  7. Track Your Time
  8. Set Deadlines
  9. Keep One Eye on the Clock
  10. Set Reminders
  11. Schedule Breaks
  12. Schedule Time for Email and Social Media
  13. Use a Central Social Media Management System
  14. Avoid Distractions
  15. Stick to One Task at a Time
  16. Batch Tasks
  17. Incentivize Tasks
  18. Focus on Results
  19. Don’t Stress Over Unimportant Details
  20. Create Good Habits
  21. Eliminate the Non-Essential
  22. Use Email Filters and Archives
  23. Limit Meetings
  24. Hire Virtual Assistants
  25. Utilize a Project Management Platform
  26. Keep Projects in One Place
  27. Avoid Rush Hour
  28. Have Virtual Meetings
  29. Automate Payroll
  30. Take Notes
  31. Take Advantage of Technology
  32. Don’t Get Carried Away
  33. Delegate
  34. Invest in Accounting Software
  35. Keep an Organized Workspace
  36. Back Up Your Files
  37. Keep Templates for Commonly Used Forms
  38. Utilize Shortcuts
  39. Automate Expenses
  40. Use a Cloud-Based Calendar
  41. Have a Collaboration System
  42. Say “No”
  43. Make the Most of Down Time
  44. Clean Up Old Files
  45. Use Mobile Apps
  46. Know Your Habits
  47. Shorten Your Workday
  48. Leave Room for the Unexpected
  49. Have Quiet Hours
  50. Don’t Over-Schedule