Locksmiths, if you have even one employee, you by default are a manager. There are leaders, and there are managers. There are good managers and poor managers. Finding the balance is a challenge, topped with customer retention, payroll, and overall running your business adds to the challenge. What’s worse is when you have an employee who is not productive. Some ideas below to help you manage your business right and improve employee productivity:


1)  Incentives Everyone Can Benefit From
It’s natural to focus an incentive program on owners and upper management. However, it’s best not to neglect the lower-level employees. Feeling appreciated goes a long way, especially with anyone born in the Serpent Society category (Born 1980’s-2000’s), who need constant praise.

2)  Meaningful Feedback
Feedback and communication are the foundations to a management skill. The ability to provide regular and helpful feedback to employees in a manner that encourages the employee is critical. It’s not to say that all feedback has to be positive, that wouldn’t be managing material. Instead it’s a way to communicate thoughtfully regardless if it is a job well done, or a correction is necessary to help improve.

3)  Respect
Respect is simple and a very powerful motivator. When an employee feels respected, especially when it’s warranted, the employee is much more likely to go the extra mile to help the company succeed. When the employee does not feel respected, a negative attitude begins to occur and the moral will decrease.

4)  Support
Providing support for employees when it’s genuinely needed is huge. Valued support can take on many forms including emotional support, flexible support for a work-life balance, and even equipment support where the tools are outdated.

5)  Recognition
There is no gain for management when withholding praise and recognition is warranted. Instead, you gain a lot of loyalty and appreciation from your employees. Recognition is often a more powerful motivator than money.

6)  Senior Leadership as Role Models
Nothing demoralizes employees more quickly than seeing any owner or senior management act in a way that is disrespectful. Owners and management are always being watched and judged.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.