If you are an IDN Web Store user, you probably have seen the request by IDN to not use Internet Explorer. To protect our valued customers while shopping, we have designed the site to be compatible with browsers which have better security features enabled.

Internet Explorer

A great article was published on LinkedIn by Zachary Lukasiewicz titled “7 Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer ever, ever again”. If you have a moment to read through the article, it’s a good read. We’ve summarized the article below for you:

  1. Internet Explorer (IE) is broken beyond repair. Literally there is no solution.
  2. You are safer from targeted software viruses (hackers find it an extremely valuable target to attack)
  3. Internet Explorer interprets code differently (what you see on one screen will look drastically different using IE)
  4. Microsoft is just slow in fixing Internet Explorer bugs
  5. Internet Explorer does not automatically check for out of date plugins / extensions and prompt you to update them
  6. If you use multiple computers, both Firefox and Chrome have built-in features to synchronize bookmarks, IE does not.
  7. IE is not compatible with an Apple product