Locksmiths who have technicians, and locksmiths who are self-employed, having a disaster plan in place can save your business, your livelihood, and your employees’ jobs.

Save Your Business When Disaster Strikes

Every year, small businesses around the country close their doors forever as a result of fires, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural and man made disasters. From Hurricane Sandy to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma; flooding in Colorado to seasonal fires in southern California, small businesses have witnessed, first-hand, the ravaging effects of Mother Nature on their companies year-in and year-out. According to Department of Labor statistics, more than 40 percent of businesses never reopen after disaster strikes. In the following two years, more than 25 percent of the surviving companies will also close their doors.

1. Make copies and backup files.
2. Have an evacuation plan in place.
3. Test your plan.
4. Be prepared to work remotely
5. Have a (tested) backup plan ready to go.
6. Review your insurance.
7. Stay on top of your receivables.

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