What are some ways to weatherize doors?



Did you know that IDN has door divisions who fabricate doors, and we stock products such as weatherstripping, thresholds, and more?

When you are walking around a facility, or your customer walks in your shop, here’s 10 ways to winterize the doors and locks – 10 items to check when doing a walk through:

  1. Weatherstripping: Look at the frame and door, do you see light coming through? If so, the weatherstripping is not creating a seal. If you do not see gaps, take a lighter and move it around the edges of the door. If the flame flickers (or worse, blows out), the wind is leaking through the door.
  2. Shut the door: It seems obvious, but seriously just push the door shut and reduce heat loss.
  3. Latch Pockets: If concealed vertical rods are used, make sure all debris is removed using a broom or vacuum. Removing any debris in the threshold latch pocket allows the bottom rod to extend fully and secure the door properly.
  4. Slip Hazards: It doesn’t necessarily “winterize” a door, but with snow and ice comes water and slippery spots which can be a liability if someone falls. Use caution when spreading salt and chemical melts because they can creep their way into thresholds preventing concealed vertical rod exits to not operate correctly.
  5. Lubricating Hinges: A well lubricated hinge can help with the overall door operation. It also can increase the longevity of the hinge.
  6. Door Closer Adjustments: Doors should take at least five seconds to close to allow for entry and exit, as a rule of thumb. Adjust the door closer to make sure it’s closing properly, but also to make sure it doesn’t stay open too long.
  7. Check Gaps: Check the bottom gap of the door. Does the threshold and door meet properly? If so, this reduces heat loss from the bottom portion of the door. Installing a door bottom, door sweep, or a different threshold can help seal any gaps at the bottom.


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