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The ABH Anti-Microbial Copper Nickel Finish does the job of reducing disease growth without sacrificing the aesthetic look and feel of stainless steel. In addition to being corrosive resistance, copper alloys are imbued with anti-microbial properties that reduce disease causing bacteria from spreading on heavy traffic latches within a hospital.

Applications for the ABH Anti-Microbial Copper Nickel Finish includes opening latches for restrooms in Office, Commercial, and Hospital facilities or any place where anti-microbial properties are needed.

ABH Anti-Microbial Copper Nickel Finish

The Copper Nickel Finish can be optionally requested with all ABH Hospital Push/Pull Latches including the ABH 6800Q Hospital Quiet Latch.

To place an order for any ABH Hospital Push/Pull Latch, Body or Trim with Anti-Microbial Copper Nickel Finish, or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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