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I have a customer with an aluminum/glass door with a swing bolt.  They would like to have access control on this one door.  What is your recommended solution?



There are several solutions from standalone battery powered locks to hardwired controllers.  Without changing out the swing bolt you can use the Alarm Lock DL1225, Alarm Lock DL1250 or the Kaba E3066 for standalone pin access.  All these are programmed at the lock with no audit trail or schedules.  You may upgrade to PROX and audit trail from there with the Alarm Lock PDL locks and the Kaba E3700 locks.

Of course the Adams Rite Steel Hawk could be used, removing the swing bolt, adding a reader, power supply and controller.  Or removing the swing bolt and adding the electric strike, reader, controller and power supply.  Plenty of options depending on your clients wishes and budget.

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