Ask the Experts | Ask the Electronic Access Ace | Suggestion for One Door Access Control with Proximity

Our customer would like one door access control with proximity, no audit trail and no schedules. What would you suggest?

It would depend if this is for an interior door or exterior door, and what kind of lock and style of door is being used. If it’s for an interior wood door with an existing entry function cylindrical lock, there would be lots of solutions including stand alone prox locks from Alarm Lock, Kaba, Schlage, and Sargent. There are stand alone keypad/prox readers from IEI, Cansec, Camden, and Rosslare to name a few. If using the prox reader which are a lot less in price than the cylindrical locks with Prox, but you must add an electrified lock, electrified strike, or a electrified mag lock. Then you would add your power supply and cards. Many options, but call us and we can walk you through the best solution for the job.

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