I have an end user who has an electrified exit device with a momentary release button at their receptionist desk. They would like to add two more release buttons to control the door. The issue I have is that the customer would like the ability to maintain an unlocked state from the receptionist desk but also have the ability to lock and unlock from two other desks with multiple release buttons to be installed.



With BEA’s 10BR3 three relay logic module and two additional momentary switches this job will be a cinch. The BEA BR3 has a ratchet/latching feature. You can connect all three momentary buttons to an input on the BR3 relay module. When any of the installed buttons are pressed the corresponding relay will change state from normally open to normally closed and the door will unlock. Press any button again and the relay will return to normally open and the door will be locked. Adding an indicator light is helpful to let you know if the door is locked or not.

The BEA BR3 is also commonly used for automatic door logic, request to exit functions, vestibule/interlock/airlock/security sequencing and many other applications. Ask your salesperson for more information


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