I have a customer who would like to add an Aiphone JO series video intercom system with remote release at their office entrance door. There is an existing magnetic lock from a keypad entry system on the door. I have never wired a magnetic lock into an Aiphone system and would like to know how this is done?



First off, a standard Aiphone system has a remote release button that is N.O. (normally open). So when the button is pressed the switch closes and sends power to the lock. That is great for an electric strike, but it will not work for a magnetic lock. We need to disconnect the power to a magnetic lock for it to open. So we will need a N.C. (normally closed) switch. You can do this by adding an external relay into the existing switch on most intercom systems. With your particular Aiphone application, you will need to use an RY-18L form C Relay by Aiphone.

Adding Aiphone JO Series Video Intercom System

The RY-18L Door Release Relay Module is an interface between the door strike contacts on the intercom and the actual release mechanism. The contact ratings on intercom units vary and are all normally open. If your strike or maglock is a higher voltage or draws more current than specified for the unit, then a relay like this is required. So essentially, it provides either a N.O. (normally open) contact for an electric strike, or a N.C. (normally closed) contact for a magnetic lock. The contact rating on this relay supports a majority of door release hardware available on the market.

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