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If you’re looking for an automotive dongle that combines all of Advanced Diagnostic’s previous dongles in one (except Dongle B), then look no further than the Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle. The Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle promises easy-to-use car key or remote programming for all automotive makes, on-board memory and an auto-configuration feature.

AdvanceDiag_Smart Dongle


  • Powered by Tester
  • On-Board Memory
  • Integrated Smartcard / Calculator Security
  • Expansion Port For Additional Hardware:
    • Smart EEPROM Reader (optional modules, additional costs apply)
    • Smart Aerial (ADC242) For Transponder Reading & Pre-coding
  • Automatically Configures Tester for Car Key / Remote Programming
  • USB Port for Future Applications
  • Integrated Nissan & Hyundai / Kia PIN Code Dongles


  • Weight: 175 Grams
  • Size: 98mm(W) x 84mm(H) x 34mm(D)
  • Replaces Current Range of Advanced Diagnostics Dongles (Except Dongle B)

Thanks to Advanced Diagnostics for the YouTube Videos:

Properly Activating the Advanced Diagnostic Smart Dongle

Smart Dongle User Manual

To place an order for an Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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