Hidden Safe brings a lot of mystery to a home in North Carolina, a mystery in the same concept of Al Capone mysteriousness.

An excerpt from FOX News in Charlotte, NC

It’s not Al Capone’s House, but a Mystery Nonetheless

CHARLOTTE, NC – It’s the kind of mystery that may keep one up at night.

Imagine buying a home once foreclosed. The family moves in, then finds a hidden safe in the floor. It’s locked, no combination, and a previous tenant left without notice.

Floor Safe

Do you call police, a locksmith, a reporter? Yes!

South Charlotte resident “Ricardo” bought this home earlier this year.  Wanting to remain anonymous, he recounts in Spanish how the family discovered what looked like a drain while cleaning the garage.

It turned out to be a floor safe. At first, Ricardo worried that whatever was inside could pose a legal risk. When he called locksmiths to see if it could be opened, but not destroyed, he didn’t have luck.

So FOX Charlotte brought in a specialist. We also invited a CMPD officer to witness the opening of the floor vault. (Click to view the video)

Bobby Connelly with BC Lock & Key says he opens locked safes in people’s homes at least 20 times a month. For reliability, he suggests you contact someone who’s a member of the North Carolina Locksmith Association.