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I have a customer with an Alarm Lock PDL3000 and the keypad is completely locked up.  It will not accept any commands at all.  The lock is less than a year old, is it bad?

When this happens, programming has been done incorrectly, or the lock was originally programmed by the Alarm Lock DL Windows software. Then changes were made incorrectly at the lock via the keypad.  In most cases the lock can be restored by executing a factory reset.

This can be done by removing the battery pack, press and hold down the [AL] button for 10 seconds to ensure discharge of all capacitors. Re-install the battery pack (the lock will sound 3 short beeps).  If beeps are not heard, then restart the procedure. Within 5 seconds after hearing the 3 short beeps, press and hold the [AL] button until the lock begins to beep, then release.  A series of 5 RED LED flashes and 5 beeps will be heard followed by 10 seconds of silence, then 3 GREEN LEDs and 3 fast beeps. All settings and programming have been erased and the lock is now ready for use.


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