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Sometimes you need to secure an exit such as emergency fire escape or stairwell doors with an alarm indicator. With the optional LED alarm indicator & 95-decibel piezo alarm, the Alarm Lock PG21 Siren Lock fits this role perfectly. Each time the PG21 door alarm is set off by unauthorized use, it can only be reset by key. The PG21 Siren Lock fits both standard size or narrow stile doors and features multiple entry delay time options, alarm monitoring LED light and tamper-proof switches.

Applications for the Alarm Lock PG21 Siren Lock range from emergency exits in Multi-Family Housing to Maternity Wards in the health sector.

Alarm Lock PG21MSMM


  • Always Armed Mode: When key is turned counter clockwise to the disarm position, the key cannot be removed. To remove key, turn back to arm mode, thus keeping unit armed always.
  • Standard Arming Mode: When key is inserted turning counter clockwise will disarm and key can be removed. Turning key clockwise will arm and key can be removed.
  • Status Indicator – RED when armed
  • Entry Delay Time Options – 15 sec., 1 min. 15 sec., 3 min. 15 sec.
  • Standard mortise cylinder compatible lock (required and not included)
  • Self-contained and dual-tamper supervised
  • Convenient No-Cut jumpers
  • Improved sweeping siren over 95db
  • Visual magnetic alignment mode, eliminates templates
  • Long-life 9V-battery powered (supplied); Low-battery alert
  • Non-strobe version also available with new and improved features
  • Optional rim cylinder for exterior arming/disarming


Dimensions 11” x 2 1/2” x 2 3/8” (22.8cm x 6.3cm x 6.8cm) (LxWxD) (Length 11” with Strobe; 9” without Strobe)
Finish Metallic Silver or Metallic Bronze
Power Requirements
  • 9-Volt Alkaline Battery (supplied). The PG21 may also be used with Model PP100 (optional) or other power supply providing 9-12V DC at 300mA
  • Internal battery may be used simultaneously with external power supply
Sounding Device Piezo electronic sounder sweep siren, steady or pulsing, 110dB at 10 feet
Relay Contacts (Form-C) rated at 24V AC/DC at 1A (non-inductive)
Shipping Weight 1 lb, 10 oz.

To place your order for an Alarm Lock PG21 Siren Lock, or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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