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The Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700 with LocDown Feature gives faculty and staff the ability to lockdown a classroom with a remote keyfob. In cases of unauthorized access, a lock that’s entered lockdown can be unlocked only by someone with the security level of a Master or Manager. This LocDown feature makes it ideal for situations where intruders have infiltrated a building’s perimeter. Up to 50 user keyfobs can be supported for each door lock, and each keyfob has an activating distance of up to 100′ (depending on the construction of the building).  Each keyfob can be programmed to access up to four locks.

Applications for the Trilogy DL2700 with LocDown Feature include any academic facility, government or hospital buildings where the expressed need for lockdown instances may arise.

Alarm Lock DL2700LD with LocDown Features


  • Lockdown up to four locks with one compact remote keyfob – Pocket-sized, just over 2” (one included with DL2700LD)
  • Bright visual lockdown indicator bar on inner door confirms security activation to occupants; Outside small indicator light flashes and/or optionally beeps when in lockdown
  • Grade 1 Durability. Grade 1 Lockset , rugged all metal keypad
  • Up to 100 different user codes (3-5 digits). Master, manager and emergency, plus 3 service codes
  • 100% fingertip programmable, easy installation in less than an hour (Modified ANSI 115 Prep simply retrofits standard locksets.)
  • Individual, group or total user code enable/disable. Passage mode, too
  • Long-life battery operated; uses 5 standard AA batteries
  • Non-handed for easy installation and versatility
  • “W” Weatherproof Models available for exterior use, -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C )


REMOTE KEYFOB FOR LOCKDOWN: 4-Button Keyfob (2-3/8” x 1-1/4” x 1/2”), controls up to 4 locks and uses replaceable battery. One included with DL2700LD Lock; up to 50 can be supported on each lock. Additional keyfobs, order part no. RR-4KEYFOB. Portable keyfob range up to 100’, depending on building construction constraints.
INDICATORS: Activating LocDown mode via keyfob illuminates a large,red super-bright indicator bar on lock back, & red indicator light, on front. Additional, audible lock-down indicator tone is a programmable option. Routine momentary green visual/audible entry indicator activated with authorized lock usage; visual indicator warns of low battery condition.
OPERATION: Clutch mechanism permits turning lever without retracting latch and reduces stress on lock bodies and spindle. Outside lever free turning in locked position. Entering access code, key bypass, or remote bypass will allow lever to retract latch. Inside lever always instant egress.
DOOR THICKNESS: 1-5/8” to 1-7/8”. Other thicknesses. Please consult Alarm Lock.
BACKSET: 2-3/4” Standard. 2-3/8” backset also available.
KEYPAD: All metal, 12-button programmable for multi-level access functions including group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage and emergency or service codes, lockout and remote override capability and allowable entry time from 5 to 20 seconds. 4 Different keypad tones and keypad may be silenced.
STANDARD KEY OVERRIDE CYLINDERS: Solid brass 6 pin tumbler cylinder pinned 5, SC1 keyway, furnished in all locks. Additional tailpieces included: HW580 fits Schlage®, Corbin/Russwin® CL, Sargent® 480 Series, ASSA®65-611. Model HW620 fits Ilco® and Lori® cylinders.
INTERCHANGEABLE CORE MODELS: Accepts 6 & 7 Pin Cylinders from Best®, Arrow®, KSP®, Medeco Keymark® & Kaba Peaks®. Also available IC Core models for Yale®, Medeco®, Sargent, Corbin/Russwin CL and Schlage. Alarm Lock Tailpiece is supplied; IC Core is not included.
LATCHBOLT: UL Listed, fire rated, 3 hours, 1/2” throw, solid brass, deadlocking. Reversible. Adjustable front for flat or beveled doors.
STRIKE: 1-1/8” x 2-3/4” T strike & 1-1/4” x 4-7/8” ASA strike included. With screws for wood or metal jambs.
LATCH FRONT: 1-1/8” x 2-1/4” wrought brass or stainless steel.
HANDING: Non-handed.
FINISHES: US3 polished brass, US26D satin chrome, 10B duronodic.
POWER: 5 AA alkaline batteries (supplied), provide up to 5 years long battery life &/or approximately 75,000 cycles, typ., engaging Trilogy’s unique Flex Drive™ motor, depending on actual lock usage. Audible low battery alert.
DOOR PREP: Standard ANSI A115 Series Prep, modified by adding additional through-bolt holes. Cleanly, simply retrofits standard locksets.
COMPLIANCES: Grade 1, heavy duty cylindrical


To place your order for an Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700 with LocDown Feature or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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