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I’ve got an aluminum glass store front door with a very narrow frame for a strike, what alternative do you suggest?



One option you should look at is the Adams Rite Steel Hawk. It’s an electrified dead latch that retrofits to the 4500/4700/4900 series of Adams Rite dead latches. It utilizes the same strike and is compatible with existing handles, levers and paddles. It is multi-voltage adaptable, 12V, 16V or 24V as long as it’s DC. It is available in 31/32″, 1-1/8″ and 1-1/2″ backsets. Of course you still need to bring your power into the door.

Another option would be a magnetic lock.

Read more about the Adams Rite Steel Hawk 4300 Electrified Deadlatch on our blog.


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