Apartment Security, Key Control
In Chicago, a law was passed demanding all landlords to rekey locks after a tenant has moved out. Locksmiths, if you have a customer who is an apartment building or landlord, are you in constant communication with them to rekey the locks?

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Key Control Steps
Key control, by definition, requires restriction and documentation of those who use the back-up keys and master keys. Here are 10 proven steps to follow for better key control and resident security:

  • Always re-key or replace the unit door locks at turnover
  • Always eliminate or limit the use of the master key
  • Always keep the back-up keys in a locked key box
  • Always code the keys not to reflect the unit number
  • Always secure the code sheet and key box key separately
  • Always keep a log of who checks out a back-up key
  • Always keep two keys on a hook for quick daily visual inventory
  • Always keep the key-cutting machine and key blanks secure
  • Always lock the room or closet that houses the key box
  • Always set the office burglar alarm after-hours