When it comes to K-12 Security, there have been a lot of new products developed to secure a school. Many articles have been written, and many featured on our blog. Arrow has launched a new key rotation indicator rose for use on the QL97 Cylindrical Lockset with Classroom Intruder Function.

The Arrow Key Rotation Indicator Rose benefits the teacher by providing clear direction at the door on which way to turn the key in order to lock the door in case of emergency. The indicators gives reassurance that the doors are locked.

Arrow Key Rotation Indicator Rose

The Key Rotation Indicator Rose is shipped as a separate component and easily retrofits to the Arrow BHMA Grade 1 Certified QL97 Classroom Intruder Lockset. The Key Rotation Indicator Rose part number is X-QL97-03A.26D

The QL Series cylindrical lockset features a freewheeling lever for abuse resistance, a two screw install for quick and easy installation. The double cylinder 97 Classroom Intruder function uses a key to lock and unlock the door from the outside for opening or closing the classroom. In an emergency situation, it allows the teacher to use their key to lock the outside lever from inside the classroom thereby preventing unauthorized entry. Because it requires a key, it prevents the students from accidentally locking the teacher out of the classroom. The inside lever is always free for emergency egress.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.