ASSA High Security Padlocks come in three classes, all of which can be integrated into any new or existing ASSA master key system.

Applications for ASSA High Security Padlocks are included in a wide variety of applications including database server rooms, storage rooms, perimeter fences, and armories.


  • Sturdy design ensures maximum durability
  • Class 2 available in key retaining and non-key retaining, extended shackle
  • Shackle made of rust resistant case hardened steel
  • Hockey Puck style shackleless design provides maximum protection against hacksaw and bolt cutter attacks
  • Drain holes to prevent freezing
  • No external screws or rivets

Technical Information:

  • Class 2 body extruded brass, rust resistant case hardened steel shackle, tensile strength 1.5 tons. (Class 2 not recommended for
    exterior use)
  • Class 2 convertible from key retaining to non-key retaining
  • Class 3 body case hardened steel, rust resistant case hardened steel shackle, tensile strength 4.5 tons
  • Hockey Puck style body can withstand up to 10,000 lbs of force from bolt cutters
  • Stainless steel top pins
  • Bottom pins and master pins are nickel silver


  • ASSA warrants its cylinders against defective workmanship or wear resulting from defects for one year


  • All ASSA High Security Padlocks are UL 437 listed

To place an order for Assa Abloy High Security Padlock or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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