Ask the Experts | Selecting the Right Ballistic-rated Door


I have a customer that is interested in a ballistic-rated door for an existing opening in their building as security is a big concern. How do I help them to determine what choice is right for their application?



With ballistic rated openings, there are many factors to consider. These products are produced as assemblies with a frame and must be sold and installed as such. Existing wall conditions have to be taken into consideration. Is this to be installed into a wall that is also ballistic rated? If not, it is probably not worth the investment. Also, what level of threat are you wanting to protect against? There are 8 UL levels of ballistic openings for various threats/calibers and the greater the level, the greater the cost. Based on the level of protection, hardware options may be limited depending upon how that opening was tested by the manufacturer to obtain the assembly rating. Lead time is also a factor as these are made to order. IDN has a variety of product offerings to satisfy every level of protection such as wood doors, hollow metal doors, service windows and fixed windows. Contact your local IDN office and one of our sales associates will gladly assist you in determining what is the best fit for your budget and application.


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