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The BEA Emergency Add-On Kit is designed for use in single-occupancy restrooms where assistance may need to be indicated immediately. The Emergency Add-On Kit meets the requirements for an emergency request system and can be used in conjunction with the BEA Restroom Kit or as a standalone solution.

The BEA Emergency Add-On Kit is an ideal notification application for Senior Living facilities, and patient rooms in Hospitals.

BEA Emergency Add-On Kit


  • “ASSISTANCE REQUIRED” signal (LED + sounder) for outside signaling
  • “PUSH FOR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE” button + indicator (LED + selectable sounder) combined unit for ease of installation
  • Double-sided French / English emergency signage


Lamp Voltage Rating: 28V AC / DC
Sounder Voltage Rating: 16 – 25V AC / DC
Sounder Current Rating: 15 mA
Lamps: Miniature bayonet type (#313)
Mounting: Fits standard single-gang
Sounder & Lamp Terminal: 2 pigtail wires (each)
Material: Stainless steel & PC
Dimensions (W x H x D):
  • Single Gang Faceplate: 2.75 in x 4.5 in
  • White Lens (B-31695): 2.25 in x 4 in x 3.125 in
Voltage: 12 – 24V AC/DC ±10%
Indication: Audible buzzer (selectable on/off) and visual LED
Text Inserts: 10
  • E-stop button
  • Push On / Pull Off
Material: Stainless steel & PC
Accessory: Rubber weather gasket included
Certifications: FCC
Material: Polystyrene
Dimensions (W x H): 12 in x 5.5 in
Language: Double-sided FR / EN

To place an order for a BEA Emergency Add-On Kit or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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