The BEA LZR-Flatscan SW uses time-of-flight laser technology for swing doors to generates 170 measurement points that provide a complete protection for swing doors and their users. A single FLATSCAN SW covers the entire door wing including the hinge area. Discover our product web page dedicated to the Flatscan SW.


  • One module on each side is enough to secure the whole door, regardless of its size.
  • Master-Slave function compatible with 4SAFE.
  • The mechanical angle can be adjusted from 2° to 10°.
  • Specific adjustable settings thanks to 4 DIP-switches.
  • Automatic teach-in: direct surroundings of the door and the type of floor.
  • Left and right door sensors available.
  • Different colours available (aluminium/black/white). The cover can be fully painted.
BEA LZR-Flatscan SW


TechnologyLASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement
Detection modePresence
Max. detection range4 m (diagonal) with reflectivity of 2% (i.e. : at W = 1.5 m -> max. H = 3.7 m)
Opening angleDoor wing safety: 90° / Pinch zone safety: 16°
Angular resolutionDoor wing safety: 1.3°/ Pinch zone safety: 0.2°
Typ. min. object sizeDoor wing safety: 10 cm @ 4 m (in proportion to object distance) Pinch zone safety: 2 cm @ 4 m (in proportion to object distance)
Testbody700 mm × 300 mm × 200 mm (testbody A according to EN 16005 & DIN 18650)
Emission characteristics IR LASERWavelength 905 nm; max. output pulse power 25 W; Class 1
Supply voltage12-24V DC ± 15%
Power consumption≤ 2 W
Response timeDoor wing safety: max. 50 ms / Pinch zone safety: max. 90 ms
Output Max. switching voltage Max. switching current2 electronic relays (galvanic isolation – polarity free) 42V AC/DC 100 mA
LED-signals1 bi-coloured LED: detection/output status
Dimensions142 mm (L) × 85 mm (H) × 33 mm (D) (mounting bracket + 7 mm)
Material – ColourPC/ASA – Black – Aluminium – White
Tilt angles+2° to +10° (without mounting bracket)
Protection degreeIP54
Temperature range-30°C to +60°C if powered
Humidity0-95 % non-condensing
Vibrations< 2 G
Min. door wing speed2°/sec
Norm conformityEMC 2014/30/EU; LVD 2014/35/EU; MD 2006/42/EC; RoHS2 2011/65/EU; EN 12978; EN ISO 13849-1 Pl “d”/ CAT2; IEC 60825-1; EN 60950-1;EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 62061 SIL 2; DIN 18650-1 Chapter 5.7.4 (testbody A); EN 16005 Chapter 4.6.8 (testbody A)


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