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Much like the BEA MS08 Magic Switch in our previous blog on Touchless Entry Switches, the BEA MS09 Magic Switch is a microwave-sensor, motion-activated device, with an adjustable detection zone designed for industrial environments.

The surface mount MS09 utilizes microwave motion technology to ensure consistent and dependable activation. Featuring a conduit connectivity, the MS09 ensures a water-tight installation in harsh environments and wash-down facilities. The MS09 detects moving objects such as a hand, pallet jack or forklift, a solution for applications requiring a hygienic activation method including hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, food services, and other industrial facilities. The MS09 can be retrofitted to replace existing hardwired (two-wire) push plates by eliminating the need to run new wire. It can also be equipped with a 900 MHz transmitter providing the benefit of wireless communications.

BEA MS09 Magic Switch with Diagram


  • NEMA 4/IP65 rated enclosure
  • Operation range 4″ – 24″ (adjustable, pulse or toggle, user defined)
  • Microwave cell; mountable behind sheetrock
  • Multiple faceplates for differing applications
  • Interoperates with all automatic door control makes and models


Technology K-Band Microwave Doppler Radar
Radiated Frequency 24.125 GHz
Max. Switching Power 30 W (DC); 60VA (AC)
Max. Current 1 A (resistive)
Max. Voltage 60V DC; 125V AC
Detection Mode
Motion (bidirectional)
Relay with switch-over contact (free of potential)
Temperature Range -4℉ to +131℉
Power Consumption < 1.5 W

BEA MS09 Magic Switch Applications

Read more about the MS09 Magic Switch and its applications in our Industrial Solutions Section. To place an order for a BEA MS09 Magic Switch or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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