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BEA’s R2E-100 (Request To Entry) avoids the pitfalls of accidental triggering with a secure detection zone from the handle to the top of the door. Workable in many access control applications, the R2E-100 is a uniquely featured accessory to your access control system.

The BEA R2E-100 Request To Entry combines the best features of a touchless, barrier-free entry switch with great design and a focused active infrared sensor that can be adjusted to react to the specific hardware area. Equipped with a built-in surge detector and programmable relay hold times, the R2E-100 is an adaptable and sturdy entry switch for applications in many industries including medical and hospital security.

BEA R2E-100 (Request To Exit)

Detector Type Focused Active Infrared
Supply Voltage 12V to 24V AC/DC; ±10% @ 60 Hz
Current Consumption

155 mA (sounder off)
200 mA (sounder max volume)

Temperature -20°F (-29°C) to +120°F (49°C)
Temperature (UL Install) +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C)
Humidity (non-condensing) 0% to 85%
Humidity (UL Install) 0% to 93%

2 Form “C” contact sets
1.3 A @ 24V AC / 30V DC

DRY Exit Input Normally Open (I/O via DIP)
DRY Card Reader Input Normally Closed (I/O via DIP)
DRY DPS Input Normally Open (I/O via DIP)
Sounder 85 dB max with adjustable volume
Indicator LED’s Green, Red, Yellow & Orange
Dimensions 6-7 ⁄8”L (174.63 mm) x 1-7 ⁄8”H (47.63 mm) x 2”W (51 mm)
Material Plastic (ABS and PC)
Certifications UL/ULC 294/S319, FCC Part B

R2E100 Details Diagram

Read more about hospital security solutions in our Hospital Solutions Section. To place an order for the BEA R2E-100 Request To Entry or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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