Owning a locksmith shop sounds great, doesn’t it? You are your own boss, you can set your own hours, you are the boss of others – wait, maybe that’s not so great. Not everyone is cut out to be a great business owner, and not everyone is suppose to be the best manager. But, if you are a small locksmith shop, you need to be both. 

Im the boss

Know-It-Alls: Being this type of boss, is not the way to go. Telling everyone everything such as how the world works, how things will backfire if you try this or that, why you can’t change out the product, etc. Know-It-Alls do not listen, and as a manager/boss – it’s very difficult to your employees to be heard. You need every voice heard in your business, the good and the bad, and for that a know-it-all leadership creates a deadly silence.

Too Remote: The complete opposite of the know-it-all leader is the one who is too remote. These are the bosses who prefer to be behind closed doors instead of out front with the employees and customers. These types of bosses don’t engage which means they also can’t encourage and can’t inspire their employees. Leaders need followers to get anything done and followers need passion for their fuel. A too remote leader isn’t the solution.

The Nasty Jerk: The boss who is cranky, rude, nasty, bullying, insensitive, you name it. With such a destructive personality, the abusive leader will rarely win his employee’s trust – which in the locksmith world means you also won’t earn your customer’s trust either. That is no way to run a business and eventually you will most likely self-destruct.

Too Nice: Too nice, really? Yes, because these bosses do not have an edge to them and it makes it difficult on the company/business/employee when a hard decision needs to be made. These leaders will say Yes to everything and then spend hours at night cleaning up the mess they’ve created. They often defend themselves saying they are trying to build consensus.

This list could go on, but really no matter what the category, the lack of self-awareness is really the issue. If you are a boss, take heart after reading this list. If you are not a boss yet, when it is finally your turn to lead, you’ll know what not to do.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.