The BEST Access Systems 40H Mortise Lock with visual indicators can secure classroom doors simply, safely, and reliably.

In an emergency, locking classroom doors quickly from the inside is a critical step in protecting children and staff. The BEST 40H Mortise Lock has several visual indicator offerings available, including the visual indicator thumb-turn, the visual indicator laminate, and the keyed cylinder visual indicator option (for use with intruder function),each allowing educators to know at a glance that their door has been correctly secured. For security directors, facility managers, school board members and administrators, as well as the parents of children in any school community, the 40H visual indicators and its evolving, durable features offer a simple, effective, and practical solution to begin on the path to comprehensive classroom security. These simple, yet significant, indicators available on the 40H can make a big difference when every second counts.
BEST Access 40H Series Mortise Lock
When you need a high performance, durable, mechanical lock, the 40H series with visual indicators are the best solution for emergency lockdown situations.

The 40H Series with visual indicators are an ideal security solution for commercial and institutional applications, schools, universities, government institutions, hospitals, and other locations where strength and durability are
required in a locking system.

  • Simple to Use – Color coded locked and unlocked visual indicators ensure that most anyone can lock the door correctly and quickly.
  • Increased Security – Faculty can lock the door quickly and confidently from the inside of the classroom without going outside the classroom.
  • Easy to Install – Retrofits to existing 40H mortise lock; for right-handed or left-handed doors.
  • User-Friendly – Intuitive lockdown icons assist in quickly and easily knowing the classroom is secure from intruders.
  • Flexible – Compatible with various split trim rose sizes and can be ordered as an option with the lock or as a sold separate kit for retrofit applications.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Available in a wide variety of finishes, including 626, 612, 613, & 605, and can be matched with existing or new hardware.

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