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What type of metal door is best to protect against rust/corrosion?



Galvanized Steel is dipped into molten zinc to form a zinc coating on the surface of the steel. While it is possible for this coating to receive visual damages such as scrapes and scratches, these superficial abuses take nothing away from its anti-corrosive properties. For this reason, Galvanized steel is a good choice for exterior doors. Today galvanized products are now largely replaced by galvanneal. Similar to galvanized, a nickel/zinc coating is applied to Cold Steel, then the steel is put through a high-temperature annealing oven where the surface coating is bonded with the steel creating an alloy coating known as galvanneal. Galvanneal steel is an excellent choice for frames and doors in areas where moisture/humidity is a factor. Galvanneal frames and doors are also excellent for coastal areas where salt water in the air creates an environment where rust degrades steel products. The annealing process also creates a more textured and absorbent surface, which provides superior paint adhesion.

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