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When using an electrified door lock or exit type device, how do I determine best ways to transfer power?



When determining the type of power transfer device to use, several things are to be considered:

Type of door and frame

  • Preferred for glass storefront doors is using an electrified intermediate transfer hinge if the existing door and frame has one. Or if it does not have an intermediate hinge to replace, a “concealed” door loop transfer would work.
  • For wood or hollow metal door and frame the Full Mortise Ball Bearing Transfer hinge is preferred.
  • All of these solutions can not be seen or detected when installed.

Type of facility

  • A hidden type of transfer like previously mentioned is preferred but not always applicable in certain situations. Example a school or hospital may have concrete filled frames, so a exposed door loop would be required. But in these type of facilities, position the door loop high in the corner of the door and frame to help deter from people or students pulling or hanging from them.

End users preference

  • Discuss with your customer of the type of exposed electrified hardware, and power transfers are being proposed. They may be opposed to door loops or even mag locks hanging into the door way. Be clear to your customer so their are no surprises.


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