When you think of marketing your business as a locksmith, many of you think it’s not necessary because you have the calls coming in from customers. And you may be alright with the amount of jobs coming in, but if you would like more, have you taken a look at branding your locksmith business in how you market it to the consumer?

Marketing Your Locksmith Business

When a new product is launched in this industry, maybe you are one of the locksmiths who wants to learn more about it. Attending local classes by distributors and associations keeps you updated on changes in the industry. You update your knowledge often of the industry, even if you don’t seek it out by attending a class. You update it on the job when you do something new. The same is with your marketing of your business, you should refresh it every so often to keep it fresh, new, and quality work. If you haven’t updated your marketing practices lately, here’s a few signs it may be time to update your locksmith business branding:


If customers are complaining about your prices, you may want to evaluate if the customer is complaining just to complain, or if you really should change your prices. Attend a local locksmith association and ask local locksmiths in your area what they charge.


Have you acquired new skills, new technology, or new certification lately? Advertise it! Maybe you now can cut automotive keys, or have a new high security keyway, these are important items to advertise and market your business.

Word of Mouth

If you have never created any marketing materials and rely on word of mouth & referrals, you may want to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. If you are trying to increase your customer base, this is the first thing you should look at doing. Of course, if you are content with the amount of work you are receiving, then don’t change your strategy at all.

Brand Image

If your existing brand image doesn’t match your existing marketing message, it’s a good time to change it so they do match. You only promote on your truck/van locksmith but you also do automotive work, then advertise it on your truck/van too.


If you don’t own a logo for your locksmith business, you should have it designed by a graphic designer. Then, own the files yourself! If you have a logo on your shop, van, truck, or business card and it doesn’t match your website logo — update it.


The old days of customers searching through a Yellow Pages book is no longer the norm. They are on their smart phones and using Google, Yelp, and others to search for your business. Start a website, and help drive the sale to you and away from the scammers. If you have a website and customers can’t find you on a Google search, it may be time to update your online presence. Consider hiring a professional or someone familiar enough to assist you.

Social Media

Start a social media account for your business. You don’t have to post often, but you should monitor it often. Social Media is a great word-of-mouth free advertisement.

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