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How do I select the right type of steel for Steel Doors and Frames?



The three most common Steel types are cold rolled steel, galvanneal steel, and galvanized steel.

  • Cold Rolled: Cold rolled steel is suitable for most interior applications. It’s uncoated steel with a factory applied coat of primer
  • Galvannealed Steel: This is carbon steel coated with an iron-zinc alloy. It provides excellent corrosion protection when combined with a coating of quality prime paint and is adequate for most interior and exterior applications. SDI recommends use of the “A” series, both A40 and A60, for primer adhesion. A60 is superior to A40 for inhibiting rust. SDI does not recommend the “G” series because of inferior primer adhesive properties.
  • Galvanized Steel: A carbon steel treated with a full zinc alloy. It provides superior rust protection but has poor adhesion properties for prime or finish paint.


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