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The Google Carousel: Another Reason to Claim Your Google Places Listing 

Over the past few months Google has been releasing what’s been dubbed as the “local carousel” as a new way of displaying local search results for various search terms. The carousel looks and operates much as its name indicates. When you search for “yogurt near me” or “yogurt near san francisco”, a carousel of pictures will appear right underneath the search bar and above the search results. 

Google ranking
There are a couple of important takeaways here for small business owners:
1) Claim your listing and make sure you have a profile picture. What looks more appealing from the results above? The leftmost picture of a cup of yogurt or the picture in the middle of a bleary Google map? Not sure, how to claim your listing. It’s easy and here’s how.
2) Make sure you’re collecting positive reviews. The reviews and ratings of each business are front and center. Users eyes are drawn there even before the name. There are lots of ways to get more reviews.
Data-rich listings are continuing to be made more prominent on Google as they look to improve the quality and utility of search results for users. Take advantage of this opportunity to reinvent your business and allow it to shine by making the right investments early. To get started, try searching for: “near ”. See if you show and how you show up!
An excerpt from Social Media Today